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Automated trading is changing the very nature of trading. With it’s black box approach, an automated trading system can be used by anyone to trade. Forex trading is especially suited to the development of automated trading systems. There are only six major currency pairs that account for more than 90% of the trading volume in the global currency markets as compared to the stock market that has thousands upon thousands of stocks. In the past few years, the development of the Meta Trader MT 4 platform has revolutionized the development of automated forex trading system also known as Expert Advisors or Forex Robots. Now if you are a trader with a good mechanical trading system, you don’t need to be a high class programming expert to develop your own automated trading system!

Any mechanical trading system can now be automated. Automation of trading systems have made trading easy for many people who had never traded before! The automted trading system or what you call the Expert Advisor trades automatically opening the trade when the conditions are right and closing when the profit targets are met or the market is showing too much volatility.

Forex trading has become real easy with these Expert Advisors. Previously it required a lot of training and hard work to master forex trading. Not anymore. Now, anyone can trade forex using these Expert Advisor with very little level of skill as a forex trader. Every months, you will find new forex robots been lauched with tall claims made by the developers.



But how do you know this forex robot is good. Backtesting is no good. It is done with historical data. So anyone can do curve fitting to get excellent backtesting results. Market conditions keep on changing. Market behavior is organic. Whatever happened in the past is no guide for the future. Remember, the crash of 2008! Those were unprecedented times, no one had any idea what was going to happen in the future.

This is the problem with these forex robots. They need to be continously optimized for the new market conditions. It is unlike the set and forget system. Most forex robots are very simple and use just two or three indicators to generate buy or sell signals. To evaluate the performance of these different forex robots in the market, FXCM and Boston Technologies a few months back announced the world’s first ever Forex Robot World Cup. Any developer can register his or her forex robot in the competition. These forex robots will be tested under real live market conditions will real money. The developer of the winning system will get a cash prize of $100,000.

Many developers are taking part in this competition. Their robots will be tested under real live challenging conditions. The competition is ongoing. When the winners are going to be announced, this will be the first time that you can look at a list of forex robots and their live testing results done by a third party.

Over the next few years, better and better automated trading systems are going to hit the market. More and more people will be using these automated trading system to make money on autopilot while they sleep!

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