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Many people want to get involved in Forex trading but cannot do it on their own and need some assistance from a Forex expert advisor which will conduct trades for you depending on when you desire to have them done. It can be tricky to find out which Forex expert advisor is the best for you so it is useful to read reviews to see what the experts think themselves.

The number one ranked expert agent is Forex Hacked. At $169.99 currently it is well worth the investment especially because the price is expected to be increased another $40 to $209.99 relatively shortly. They also have an appeal that a certain number of copies will be sold but it is not yet determined or released. They allow people to run right out of the box so to speak with no tweaking or customization needed. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied so there is no reason not to take the chance here.

Carter Stevenson, a multi-millionaire, has created the software Pip Turbo for Forex Trading. He actually got rich from Forex trading alone and now it is in a box for people to use to get their own riches as well. PipTurbo is able to trade under the currency pairs of GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, EURCHF, and EURUSD which not too many software programs can do so it is the major selling point of this software. The numerous filters also keep the software running smoothly. The cost of this one is $189.99.



A third software that should be considered is Piptronic developed by Jon Kopitar.  The best features of this include a market timing algorithm and a similar trend to adapt his technology. There is also a NOS setting which can impact the results of your trading. It can be turned on or off to allow you to see how it can impact your investments. Some of the highest winning percentages and lowest down falls are accomplished through this software. It is not the newest software and old reviews say that there were problems but the most recent update, 2.0, has fixed these issues. The cost of this software is relatively lower at $129.99 when compared to other expert advisors.

Fap Turbo is yet another software that you ought to consider if you aren’t sold on any of the previous 3. This one is priced at $149.00 and offers a 60 day guarantee which is a huge selling point since most other sonly offer a 30 day guarantee. It does state that your investment can be doubled every single month but these claims are not completely upheld. In a test that was run with a total of 26 trades only 5 of them were losses which are rather high.

Forex expert advisors cannot fit a one size fits all mentality. Each software must be adopted to your individual strategies for turning a profit. With all the trial periods you can try each one out until you find the best one available.

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