Forex Market – Know More About It

The foreign exchange market is documented as the biggest form of financial market in the whole world and is estimated at around $3 trillion to $4 trillion dollars. The foreign exchange market trading, or simply forex trading, is where trading of currencies takes place. It is also where banks and financial institutions facilitate in the buying and selling of different foreign currencies. Forex transactions basically involve a party buying a quantity of a currency in exchange of payment of another currency. The forex market today steadily evolved from the 1970s when world over countries switched from the previous regime of exchange rate, which stayed fixed as stated by the Bretton Woods system until 1971, into the floating exchange rate.



Currently, the foreign exchange market is one, if not the most liquid financial markets in the globe. The forex market includes trades between central banks, large banks, federal government, corporations, currency speculators and other financial institutions. The typical daily volume of the global forex and other related markets is constantly on the rise. The average turnover everyday, according to the reports, is estimated at more than US$3.2 trillion, by the Bank for International Settlements. Ever since, the foreign exchange market has continued to progress. As a matter of fact, as cited in the yearly Forex Poll of the Euromoney, the volumes grew further to 41% between years 2007 and 2008.

To sum it all up, the purpose of the forex market is to facilitate trades and investments. The need for forex markets comes up because of the existence of diverse international currencies (like Pound Sterling, US Dollar, etc.) and the dire need for trading of these currencies.

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