Forex Raptor Review – What the Sales Page Doesn’t Tell You

How could you not absolutely love the sales page for the Forex Raptor System?  It sounds not only amazing, it sounds life changing, doesn’t it?  The pips that this forex trading robot claims to make is quite astounding.  It makers a claim that the system has made $11,973 a month.  This leaves a lot of room for doubt.

In this particular case, you have the right idea to have some doubts.  That isn’t to say there aren’t many solid trading robots in the marketplace, but Forex Raptor is definitely not one of them.

Let’s start off with how glitchy the whole software is.  Many people report that it took them hours to get it setup, and that’s with the manual that comes with it. There are also some people who were never able to get it to work. They had to get a refund, even though they never even got a chance to use it.



Forex Raptor also needs a lot of help in their customer service area.  Many buyers reported that it took the customer service department more than 2 weeks to reply to an email.  This is just not the proper way to run a business.  Especially, one which clearly has a lot of technical problems it needs to take care of.

But let’s talk about the forex raptor system. How does that work?  Well, if you are lucky to be able to get it working, it’s still pretty inconsistent.  Some people say they have made money with it.  But they are definitely in the minority.

Source by Elaine Hess

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