Forex trading opportunities at Dukascopy and FX Club

There are certain forex brokerage firms that have established themselves as authorities in the industry because of the high level services that they have offer. Switzerland-based Dukascopy and FX club from the United States are amongst those brokerage firms that are renowned world over for their comprehensive trading platforms. Although operating from different locations both Dukascopy and FX club cater to international Forex traders.

Dukascopy is regarded as being the house of Forex trading veterans. Without a doubt it is the brokerage firm of choice for high-level professional foreign exchange traders from around the world. The company has developed advanced automated systems to facilitate those familiar with the trading process. Over the years the company has become a specialist broker catering to those dealers/traders that deal in high-volume trades.

One of the unique things about Dukascopy is the fact that they offer low spreads at 0 to 1 pip and actually maintain the spreads all the way through. If you are signing up with this trading company for the first time, you might have to go through a rather lengthy process to register because the company ensures that it maintains its integrity. Thus the reason for due diligence to every new account! The firm is a proud member of ARIF which is the Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers

The fact that Dukascopy have set their minimum account requirements at 50,000 shows that they are primarily interested in handling the veterans dealing in high-volume trades. Their high level of customer service is one of the things that set them at par with other reputable Forex brokerage firms the likes of FX club.



FX club was set up in the United States in the year 1999. Since then it has grown to become one of the most formidable foreign exchange brokerage firms in the country. Although operating out of the United States FX club is known for handling an international clientele with utmost expertise. One of the things that set this company apart is the fact that they offer high spreads to their customers. They are registered with the Futures Commission Merchant which is a plus point for the company.

This brokerage firm has developed one of the simplest trading platforms that you will be able to find amongst online foreign exchange brokers. This means that it is an excellent choice for newcomers to start off in the Forex trading industry. Like their Swiss contemporary known as Dukascopy they accept a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods including bank transfers, checks and major credit cards.

While both Dukascopy and FX club enjoy a very good reputation amongst Forex traders around the world they are structured in a slightly different manner. Switzerland’s Dukascopy has a high minimum account requirement set at $50,000 which means that it is not necessarily looking for new traders rather it has set its focus on providing comprehensive trading services to professional foreign exchange traders. FX club on the other hand, has a minimal requirement of $10 which means that first-timers are more than welcome to sign up and enter the foreign exchange industry using their trading platform.

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