Forex Trading Tips – 4 X Trading Tips to Supercharge Your Profit Potential

The forex trading tips enclosed can turn a mediocre forex trading strategy in to a winner and anyone thinking of trading should consider incorporating them because they work – here they are…

1. Leverage Stops and Risk

Most traders get 200:1 leverage from their broker and want to use it but this is a huge mistake – a trader should use leverage wisely and 10 20: 1, is enough. This allows you to risk more to your stop and this is vital to success.

Most traders put stops so close they are guaranteed to get stopped out by normal volatility. They get the direction right, see their stop hit and then see prices reverse back the other way and make thousands and their not in!

If you want to win, your stop must be far enough back so you don’t get hit by random price moves in the trend. This isn’t being rash this is sensible investment strategy.

2. Risk More Per Trade

In line with the above forget all the rubbish you read about risking 2% per trade.

On a small account its so little risk it guarantees you will get stopped out.

Sure if you have 100k you can do this – but not on a small account.

Many traders try to restrict and control risk so much they create it and lose. To make meaningful gains, you need to risk 10 – 20% on a small account.

3. Learn Patience

Most traders think the more they trade the more profits they are going to pile up – dead wrong.

You don’t get rewarded for your trading frequency; you get rewarded for being right!

The high odds trades only come around a few times a month in each currency – hit these and hit them hard.



Hitting the high odds trades and hitting them hard can make you a lot of money. I know lots of forex traders, who only trade a few times a month and still pile up big triple digit annual gains, because they are hitting good risk to reward trades and hitting them hard.

4. Forget Diversification

OK on a 100k account there is an argument for doing it but not on a small account.

If you have a great trade, why potentially dilute its profit potential by taking trades for the sake of trading? It doesn’t make sense and will dilute your potential profits.

Hit the high odds trade you like and focus on it.

Keep in mind:

You Don’t Get Rewarded for Effort in forex trading.

Many traders make this mistake.

They want to trade and force profits but this is not possible. They spend a lot of effort looking for trades that it blinds them to the fact most are dogs and should be passed by.

In forex trading your success is determined by the accuracy of your trading signals and your market timing and the money you put in your pocket – that’s it.

So the forex trading tips here mean you need to be patient, hit high odds trades, hit them hard and take meaningful, calculated risks so, you can make a triple digit annual income.

The above is really common sense and these forex trading tips, should be the cornerstone of your forex trading strategy and if you use them wisely and have a good forex trading system then you can enjoy the currency trading success you desire.

Source by Kelly Price

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