How to trade with your Mobile using MetaTrader 4

Forex trading for your mobile is here! Yes, the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform allows mobile Forex trading straight from your 4G mobile phone device. You never have to miss a trade signal while you’re on the move with the incredible technology that allows mobile Forex trading. It’s expected that the new MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform will follow suit and also enable mobile Forex trading.

The mobile MT4 platform is being facilitated by many leading Forex brokers, including Australia’s Go Markets. Go Markets offers a trio of options for mobile phone Forex trading: iPad and iPhone on the GO, MT4 Mobile, and the MT4 Mobile Smartphone Edition. With Go Markets’ iPhone app you get:

  • Pricing and dealing in real-time.
  • Charting functionality which includes a number of different time frames.
  • Calendars of economic news
  • Calculators for pivot points and Pip value.

 With the droidTrader app, you get these capabilities:

  • A tick chart to facilitate trading in real time
  • Easy placing of orders.
  • The ability to see profit & loss in real time
  • Market price overviews in real-time

 Here’s what you get with the general MT4 Mobile app:

  • Technical indicators (30 in total) supported: Bollinger Bands, Alligator, and Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.
  • Sound alerts so you don’t have to frequently monitor your PDA, as the alerts will indicate relevant market changes.
  • Trailing Stops that enable you to implement a Stop Loss level (SL) of your order, automatically tracking the movements of the price towards increasing profits.
  • VGA-mode that lets you see a far greater amount of information via 640 x 480 resolution.
  • Multilingual support that enables you to change back and forth between languages and interact with every feature in your preferred language.
  • Access to news flow which enables you to make rational, informed decisions with regards to the latest news from the world financial markets.

And, here is what you’ll get with the MT4 Mobile Smartphone app:


  • Charts that facilitate the graphical display of moving prices.
  • Support with technical indicators helping you analyse symbols’ price movements.
  • The entire array of trade orders, enabling flexible management of your trading activities.
  • Sounds alerting you to changes in the market; you won’t have to constantly observe charts.
  • Access to news so that you can make well-reasoned decisions concerning the most recent developments of the financial markets.

As you can see, having the mobile Forex trading app that best suits your particular phone or PDF can make your trading experience much more effective and profitable. We are very busy people these days. The last thing we need is to miss out on profits or take heavy losses in the rapidly changing, highly volatile Forex environment because we had to make it some appointment, or go to the store, or attend a child’s sporting event. In this day and age of advanced mobile technology, there’s no reason why you, as a Forex trader, should have to worry about being away from your home computer. Check out the mobile MetaTrader 4 platform!

Source by Vincent Rogers

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